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1. Install cesium and resium

You can install cesium and resium from npm.

npm install --save cesium resium
# or
yarn add cesium resium

Note: If you are using TypeScript, install @types/cesium also. Installing @types/resium is unnecessary as type definitions for Resium are built-in.

2. Set up webpack configuration

To use Cesium in webpack environment, preparation is a bit more necessary, because Cesium includes many asset files and uses AMD as module system.

There are some choices. Choose one.

  1. If you are using create-react-app, craco-cesium is recommended. (easiest)
  2. Copy whole Cesium files and load Cesium in HTML (easier)
  3. Copy only asset files and load Cesium partially

3. Ready

Everything is ready! Advance to Getting Started.